TBomb : A SMS And Call Sender For Linux And Termux


A free and open-source SMS/Call application


Deprecation Warning:

All TBomb versions below v2.0 will no longer work after 14-11-2020.
All TBomb users need to update to v2.0 ASAP




Due to overuse of script, a bunch APIs have been taken offline. It is okay if you do not receive all the messages.

  • The application requires dynamic web association with contact the APIs 
  • You would not be charged for any SMS/calls dispatched as an outcome of this content
  • For best execution, utilize single string with extensive defer time
  • Continuously guarantee that you are utilizing the most recent adaptation of TBomb and have Python 3
  • This application should not be utilized to cause hurt/distress/inconvenience to other people
  • By utilizing this, you concur that you can’t consider the givers liable for any abuse


Check your Python version by typing in

$ python --version

If you get the following

Python 3.8.3

or any version greater than or equal to 3.4, this script has been tested and confirmed to be supported. For obsolete versions of Python (eg 2.7), use discretion while executing the script as it has not been tested there.


  • More than 15 incorporated informing and calling APIs included with JSON 
  • Limitless (with misuse insurance) and super-quick besieging with multithreading 
  • Plausibility of worldwide API support (APIs are disconnected) 
  • Adaptable with expansion of fresher APIs with the assistance of JSON archives 
  • Effectively upheld by the engineers with regular updates and bug-fixes 
  • Instinctive auto-update highlight and notice bring highlight included 
  • As of late made free and open-hotspot for local area commitments 
  • Secluded codebase and pieces can be handily inserted in other program



Git establishment techniques are not all inclusive and are probably going to contrast between dispersions so introducing Git according to the given guidelines underneath may not work. If it’s not too much trouble, look at how to introduce Git for your Linux dispersion here. Orders underneath give guidelines to Debian-based frameworks.

Running TBomb.sh as sudo miscofigures files ownership. It is recommended not to run it as sudo

Run these commands to clone and run TBomb.

For Termux

To use the bomber type the following commands in Termux:

pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install git -y 
pkg install python -y 
git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git
cd TBomb

For iSH

To use the application, type in the following commands in iSH.

apk add git
apk add python3
apk add py3-pip
git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git
cd TBomb
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
chmod +x TBomb.sh

For Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions

To use the application, type in the following commands in GNU/Linux terminal.

sudo apt install git
git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git
cd TBomb
bash TBomb.sh

For MacOS

To use the application, type in the following commands in MacOS terminal:

Install Brew

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Install dependencies:

brew install git
brew install python3
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install --upgrade pip
git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git
cd TBomb

Run TBomb

bash TBomb.sh

Missing Tools on MacOS & iSH App

The package toilet cannot be installed yet. But TBomb does still work.

Demonstrative Video:

  • Watch Indian Bombing Method here
  • Watch International Bombing Method here.


  • Catch t0xic0der at https://atlasdoc.netlify.app
  • Check Avinash at https://github.com/AvinashReddy3108
  • Mail scpketer at scpketer@protonmail.ch
  • Mail Stefan at 0n1cOn3@gmx.ch
  • Ping Rieltar at https://t.me/RieltarReborn



  • [x] Make Code More Readable and Extensible
  • [x] Add Mail Spam Module
  • [ ] Add Mail Spam APIs
  • [x] Add Update Feature using git
  • [ ] Add Update Feature without git (download tarball and extract)
  • [x] Split code into multiple files (after Deprecation)

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