How to Install Latest Kali Linux on Any Android Phone !

Many of you might be using Kali Linux on your PC and performing all types of Penetration Testing stuff by using the tools of Kali Linux. Now Imagine If that Kali Linux will be able to run one your Smartphone and make you able to do all those all useful stuff directly from your Smartphone like checking security of any Smartphone with the help of Metasploit Framework so It will be very usefull for everyone.  
And Best thing in this method is that you will get internet connection enabled on that Kali Linux so you will be able to install all those usefull packages from the Root Terminal of Kali Linux. I am going to use Limbo Emulator here for this purpose and it will run Kali Linux fluently and in the background Android OS will keep running so you will be easily able to switch between any one of them.
So Lets start this Tutorial 😊
First of All Download all the files Listed Below and copy it to your Phone’s Internal or External Storage.

Video Tutorial Link:

Now Follow all the Steps Given Below:

1) Install and Open Limbo Emulator and Click on None.

Now Select New Here.

3) Now Create a Virtual Machine with Name Kali Linux and Click on Create.

4) Now in the Architecture select the x86.

5) Now in the Machine Type select PC.

6) Now in the CPU Model select qemu32.

7) Now in the CPU Cores select the 4 Cores.

8) Now in the RAM Memory select 800 MB or select maximum RAM that you can give.

9) Now left all the setting as a default till Removable Storage option.

10) Now Select None in CDROM.

11) Now Select Open.

12)  Now Go to the Location where you kept the Kali Linux File which you downloaded from the above Link and select the file.

13) Now select the CD Rom in Boot from Device option.

14)  Now select SDL in User Interface option.

15)  Now keep all the setting same as shown in below picture.

16) Now Click on the Play Button and wait for Few Minutes till Kali Linux booted.         


17) Now on this Menu Select Live(686-pae) option using keyboard.

18) Now Kali Linux will start booting below are the some pictures while Booting.

19) After Kali Linux booted it will look this.

So Follow all the Steps Carefully…You will surely get Kali Linux installed on your Smartphone😊.
and If you are facing any problem while booting then try to play with settings you will surely find the best configuration for your smartphone as its all depends on your Smartphone’s specifications And Don’t forget to subscribe to Our Blog’s Newsletter so you will get notified for our next Post. 

Thanks for Reading and Comment down below for any Queries.

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