How to Install Ubuntu Hippo on Android Without ROOTING !!!

Well Ubuntu 21.04 or Ubuntu Hirsute Hippo is the currently latest version available for android and it works well too even without root. Why not try it!

Before installation make sure your device is aarch64 (64bit) in order it install and it should have some 4-5gb free space.

GitHub Repository:-

Pro tip: ⭐ the repository.

Lets start!

Required applications:-


After installing those above applications, at first use the blow command to install some required dependencies:-
apt update; apt upgrade -y
apt install proot-distro pulseaudio
apt install curl wget proot-distro -y


After that you have to install rootfs, they were almost of 1.7gb so make sure you have good internet. And don’t forget to enable wake lock in termux which might help a lot.
    curl -L -o bash
    hippo --install


    Setting up sound:-

    In termux just use this and done
      pulseaudio --start --load="module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl= auth-anonymous=1" --exit-idle-time=-1


      Starting and shutting down:-

      For starting you can use hippo only or 
      proot-distro login hippo --shared-tmp --bind /dev/null:/proc/sys/kernel/cap_last_cap


      For closing, just logout or force stop Termux.

      Cmds for first time:-

      • apt update;
      • apt upgrade -y;
      • echo "vncserver -kill :* && rm -rf /tmp && mkdir /tmp && tigervncserver -geometry 1280x720 -xstartup /usr/bin/startxfce4 -listen tcp :1" > /usr/bin/vncserver-start;
      • chmod 777 /usr/bin/vncserver-start
      • vncpasswd
      • vncserver
      • Connect to using VNCServer app


      Starting GUI:-

      All packages are pre-installed, just execute vncserver-start and connect to port localhost:1. And VNC Server password is secret.

      Setting up Audio in Firefox:-

      type in address bar 'about:config'
      search 'sandbox'
      turn 'media.cubeb.sandbox' to false
      change 'security.sandbox.content.level' to '1'
      refresh the webpage and accept the changes
      restart the firefox
      play any Youtube video. Audio will start working !!! 😇


      After that you’ll see this:-

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