How to Install BackTrack OS on Any Android Phone..!!!!

 Welcome Back Guys..!!! Today in this post I am going to tell you that How to run BackTrack OS on Android Phone without rooting your Smartphone..!!! We all know that Kali Linux is best penetration testing OS in current time but Kali Linux is built from the Backtrack OS. BackTrack was a Linux distribution that focused on security, based on the Knoppix Linux distribution aimed at digital forensic and penetration testing use. In March 2013, the Offensive Security team rebuilt BackTrack around the Debian distribution and released it under the name Kali Linux.  

So in this post I will tell you a step by step tutorial on How to run BakTrack OS on Android Phone and the good thing is that it will have Internet connection enabled in it so You all guys can download and  install any tool you want using terminal. So Lets Start the Tutorial.. 🙂

Download Required:

BackTrack OS iso : 

Limbo Emulator Download Link:

Limbo Emulator Github Link:

Steps 1:  Firstly  you need to download and Install Limbo Emulator in your Smartphone using the above Download Link.

Step 2 :  Now You need to download Bactrack OS iso using the above Download Link. I have shown below that which file you all guys need to download. 

I also given below the file upload time and its size details so that you guys download the Correct file.

Step 3: Now Open Limbo Emulator and Select the Below option.

Step 4 : Now give the Virtual Machine a name and click on create.

Step 5 : Now Select User Interface and select SDL in it.


Step 6 : Now keep the below settings as shown in the pic below.

Step 7 : Now in the CPU cores select 4 cores or the maximum amount of cores you can give.

Step 8 : Now in the RAM Memory select the maximum amount of RAM you can give according to your phone’s specification.

Step 9 : Now go below to the CDROM option and select it.

Step 10 :
Now select Open and Select the BackTrack iso file where you kept it after downloading it from above download link.

Step 11 :
 Now go below to Boot from device option and Select CDROM in it.

Step 12 : Now go up and click on Play button.

Step 13 : Now BackTrack will start Booting like Below. At BackTrack Live CD menu don’t select anything Just wait there for countdown to complete and Let it boot by itself.

Step 14 : Below You can See BackTrack is booting .

Step 15 : After waiting for some time you will find this menu then Just type here “startx” and hit Enter. It will start GUI interface of BackTrack.

Step 16 :
Now BackTrack is fully Booted. You can see below some screenshots of it.

 And Below You can see that Internet Connection is Working.

 So Thats all Guys for this post. Just follow all the steps and You will have One of the Best OS of all time on Your Smartphone and if guys face problem regarding any Step then Just Comment Down Below…Have a Good Day Bye.. Take Care…

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