How to run Fastest Windows OS on Any Android Phone ..!! [Run .EXE] [With Internet Connection Enabled]..!!!

 Welcome Back Guys..!! Today in this post I am going to show you that how can you get most stable version of Windows OS for your ARM based Smartphones. Although my previous posts was also for any smartphone but those OS were not running smoothly on smartphone having ARM based processor. So today’s OS is basically Windows XP but I modified it to make it look better and run faster with internet connection enabled in it. So because of internet you can download and install any of your desired window’s software. Even along with that I already installed some useful software for all of you like Dev C++ , CodeBlocks , Adobe Photoshop etc in this Hard Disk file which given below. So this post for all those people who don’t have any PC but need it most. For Example a student who doesn’t have any PC but want to do coding so they can use Dev C++ or CodeBlock  for coding using this method on his/her smartphone. 

Download Links:

Limbo Emulator Download Link:

Limbo Emulator Github Link:

Windows Hard Disk File:

So Guys after downloading all the files Just follow all the steps given below:

STEP 1:  Open Limbo App and select Load Machine option and select New in it.

STEP 2: Give any Machine Name and Click on Create.

STEP 3: Open User Interface option and Select SDL in Display section.

STEP 4: And all the other option let it be like as shown below.

Open CPU/Board option and select x86 in Architecture section.

STEP 6: In Machine Type option select pc.

STEP 7: In CPU Model option select n270 .

STEP 8: Give 1 CPU Cores and Maximum amount if RAM you can give(if limbo crash reduce it to 512 MB).

STEP 9: In Disk Section select Hard Disk option and click on Open.

STEP 10: Go to location where you kept the Hard Disk file which is given above and Select it.

STEP 11: Go to Network section and select User and Select rtl8139 in Network Card option.

STEP 12:
Select Advance Section and tick the High Priority option.

STEP 13:
Now slide up and tap on Play Button it will start the Booting process of Windows.

STEP 14: Below you can see the booting process. It may take some depending on your Smartphone’s specification(for me it taken around 10 minutes).

STEP 15:
Below you can see how it will look after booting will be completed. This is look of modified version of Window’s Hard Disk which i given above.

STEP 16:
If you are facing any problem while booting then change limbo’s configuration according to your Smartphone’s Specification. It will work. 

So Guys I hope you all will love it. It also running smoothly on my Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 with ARM based processor. You can check it on my Youtube channel.

So if you have any issue you can comment below I will help you there.. See you again.

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