How to Run Apple’s MacOS X on Any Android Phone..!!!

We are living in the world which is transforming very fast. Just few years ago we were needed a giant sized computer to run the simple operating systems like Windows 98 and Now in this post I am going to show you How far we all came..!!!  In this post I am going to show you that How can you Run macOS X on your Android Phone..!! 

Apple’s Mac OS

So Lets Start the whole Process : )

Download Required

First of all you all guys need to Download some files and copy it to your Smartphone’s Storage.
You will Find All the Download Links Below:-

Limbo Power PC Emulator Download:- 

Note:- Choose according to your smartphone’s cpu architecture type.

Our App Download Link:

Limbo Emulator Download Link:
Limbo Emulator Github Link:

macOS file Download:-

Video Tutorial Link:

Now all download is done.. So Let’s get into all the steps from beginning.

STEP 1 :- Open  the Limbo PowerPC Emulator and Select None.

STEP 2 :- Select New Here.

STEP 3 :- Give here any Machine Name of your desire and Click on create.

STEP 4 :- Now here in user Interface option select SDL.

STEP 5 :- Select SDL as shown below.

STEP 6 :- Now leave all the below option same as shown in photo.

STEP 7 :- Now Select here PPC in Architecture.

STEP 8 :- Now in Machine type. Select mac99.

STEP 9 :- Now in CPU Model select Default.

STEP 10 :- Now in CPU Cores select only 1 cores.

STEP 11 :- Now in RAM Memory select the suitable amount of RAM according to your Smartphone’s RAM Memory. 

STEP 12 :- Now in Storage option select the Hard Disk A.

STEP 13 :- Now select Open here and go to the location where you puted the macOS file that you downloaded above and Select it.

STEP 14 :- Now leave the other settings as shown Below.

STEP 15 :- Now Select the Hard Disk Option in Boot from Device.

 STEP 16 :- Now go up and Click on the Play Button.

STEP 17 :- Now MacOS will start booting as shown Below.

STEP 18 :- After some minute MacOS will be booted as shown below. It will take some time which depends on your phone’s speed. Mine taken almost 13 minute.

Done 🙂
So Guys I hope you found this post interesting and useful and if you have any queries just comment down below I will reply you there. Thanks for Visiting my Blog.. This is Swapnil Srivastava..Byee Take Care and see you in the Next Post.

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