How to Install Windows 7 on Any Android Phone using Limbo Emulator…..!!!

We bring you yet another technology insight. Here are instructions on How to Install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on Android Phone or Android Tablet…..!! This may sound unrealistic but you can actually install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet. Our Smartphones are very powerful device and It has the capability to do such jobs which is beyond our Imagination. I am also working on running the one of the Latest version of Mac OS on android phone.. Hope I will soon post os this topic too.
So Lets Start this post and see How can we Install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on Any Android Phone..!!! First of all You need to Install the Limbo PC Emulator App in your Android Phone and Download the Required Windows 7 file to boot the OS. Below you will find all the download links so Download all the file and copy it to your smartphone’s Internal or External Storage.

Download Links:

Windows 7 Download Links:

Google Drive Link of Windows 7:-

MEGA Download Link of Windows 7:-!YbwhVYoA!VjwDakZPkblWjweDWmLNNgJnD9Wj5xf2AEmYRLIgxg8

MEGA Decryption Key: !VjwDakZPkblWjweDWmLNNgJnD9Wj5xf2AEmYRLIgxg8

Limbo Emulator Download Link:

Limbo Emulator Github Link:

Video Tutorial Link:

After download and installing Limbo Emulator App follow all the Steps given below.

Step 1: Install and Open the Limbo App and select None.


2) Now Select the New option.

3) Now give here the name of Virtual Machine and click on Create.


4) Now select the PC in Architecture option. 

5) Now select the x64 or x86 in Machine Type option.

6) Now select the SandyBridge or default in CPU Model option.

7) Now select the 4 Cores in CPU cores option

8) Now give 880 mb of RAM memory in RAM memory option. You can give more if your smartphone have large number of RAM

Now in the Hard Disk option select the open option and go to the folder in which you kept the Windows 7 file that you downloaded.

10) It will open like this go to the folder where you kept the downloaded Windows 7 file and Select it.

11) Now select the Hard Disk in the Boot from Device option.

12) Now select the Vmware or std in the VGA Display option.

13) Now select the SDL in the User Interface option.

14) Now match all the setting as shown in the below picture. It should be the same as shown in figure.

15) Now Click on the Play Button. It will start the Booting process.

16) Now while Booting it will look like this so You have to wait until Windows 7 is fully booted up. It will take time which will depend on the your Smartphone’s Specification.

17) After Windows 7 will be booted. Here How it will look..

Now You have Windows 7 running on Your Android Phone. Cool…!!!

So if you have any Question regarding this post and any Suggestion for the Next Post You can Comment down Below…

See You all Guys in the Next Post…Take Care.. 🙂

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